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Our photography bootcamp course teaches you how to effortlessly control your camera in manual mode and understand what the camera is telling you. The class is designed to end your dependence on the camera "auto" modes and start making your own choices. We examine and play with the "photographers triangle", metering modes and learn how our camera continually lies to you. This is the perfect course for your budding photographer or serious amateur. We joke about this class telling you how to "talk to your camera" but that is exactly the end goal, to enable each student to have a photographic conversation with their camera.


Photography Bootcamp Schedule and Information

Current Schedule

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03/28/2021 - Apex. NC - 12 - 5 - REGISTER

10/11/2020 - Apex, NC - 10 - 3 - COMPLETE

06/14/2020 - Apex, NC - 12 - 5pm - COMPLETE

02/20/2020 - Apex, NC - 12-5pm - COMPLETE

04/07/2019 – Apex. NC – 12-5pm – COMPLETE
01/13/2019 – Apex, NC – 12 – 5pm – COMPLETE

If you are interested in arranging a closed class in your area, please contact me via email –


Who should take this class?

The photography boot camp class is designed for the beginner or amateur photographer looking to get more out of their dSLR cameras. While modern dSLR’s have wonderful “auto” modes to assist you with taking photos, you need to truly understand camera metering, manual exposures, how to use light and compose to maximize the end photo.



Knowing your camera and especially knowing how to use light is what makes the difference between a snapshot and a true photograph. While some of the advanced point and shoot cameras will also work for this purpose, you will get the best results from the class if you can manually manipulate your camera settings (either on a P&S or a dSLR). Please bring all of your interchangeable lenses, flashes and any auxiliary lighting gear (short of a studio setup please). Also plan on bringing a notebook, iPad, laptop or any other method to take copious notes.



The first part of the class we will be covering camera mechanics and operation. Below is the list of topics but I encourage classes to take on their own “shape”, if you will, so any other questions or topics will certainly be covered:

Shutter speed
Shooting modes (M, AV, TV & P)
Metering and meter comprehension
The photographers “triangle”
Basic flash operation.
We will briefly cover equipment as well, just going over what’s out there and what you really don’t need to buy.

The second part of the class will cover light. All about light and the things as a photographer you should be concerned or at least aware of:

How to find good light naturally
What to do when there is no good light to be found

We’ll also talk extensively about quality of light, blending light and the advantages and disadvantages of using automatic flash. Lastly, we will touch on composition and the rule of thirds in photography.



The Photography boot camp class is a 5 hour class (with a short break – we will have 3 full hours of class and 2 hours of shooting) for $250.


What you should bring

Laptop or Notepad

Each student will receive my “notes” to help reinforce what we discuss in class. This will be a hands on class so make sure your batteries are charged/new and you have a fresh memory card in the camera.

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